Symbiotic Infection

The Yuzhou Plague, which is caused by a space-born bacteria, killed much of the remaining population on (the world) after the dwindling of the sun. Those that survived learned to use the bacteria infecting their bodies to produce energy, feeding off of cosmic (and other forms of) radiation instead of sustaining themselves with food and drink. It was later discovered that some few people had the ability to increase the concentrations of Yuzhou bacteria in their bodies by eating it. For most people, doing this causes catastrophic organ failure as their bodies are taken over. In the lucky few, however, it awakens latent powers, which take the energy produced by the bacteria and uses it to produces fantastic effects.

Powers that use this power source are specific applications of the powers found in Strands of Power, and are made using the following guidelines.

  • These powers are called Talents, and are thematically based on a single character Aspect of the player’s choosing. This character Aspect may either be one of the 5 that all characters start with, or may be bought during character creation (usually by spending experience points from the Experienced Advantage).
  • Characters with powers from this power source use the Biocontrol Affinity Ability and Energy stress track, detailed here. All stress caused by failed Talent activation rolls are applied to the Energy stress track.
  • A character may not have powers from both this power source and the Solar Magic power source at the same time. The Yuzhou plague either awakens Talents in a person or their latent affinity for Solar magic, never both.

Power Sources

Symbiotic Infection

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