Play progresses as follows: The players in the Microscope game will play the game to expand on the lore of the world. When the time comes to switch to a Fate game, the GM for that game (or all players in the game) will pick an Event within the Microscope game and create a Fate Scene. Fate Scenes begin in the same way as Scenes in a normal Microscope game: With a question. The GM can come up with the answer beforehand and have the players discover it, or have the players make it up while playing. The GM will then prepare an adventure for the other players to play through, which will end when the question posed in the Fate Scene is answered. Here are some guidelines for Fate Scenes:

  • Try not to ask a question that can be answered quickly. The point of these are to play through an adventure, so the characters should at least have some time to explore the world and their abilities for a bit.
  • Try to ask a question that has a definite answer. Questions that are unanswerable or that have vague answers may not be resolvable through this mechanic.
  • Try to limit the question to one that can be answered within a single adventure. More adventures can be written up by the same or other GM’s using the same characters, if desired.
  • Although the action and characters for a Fate Scene are confined to one specific Event, they may expand on things that are mentioned in any Period or Event, depending on how to Fate game plays out and what the question and answer is. For example, the characters could explore an ancient ruins and find a mural depicting the last days of a fallen empire mentioned in a Period or Event in the Microscope game. Entries for those things could be updated by the GM or any player as this new information comes to light.

More guidelines will be added to this list as questions are asked and issues come up and are resolved during play.

See also, the Adventures page for previously played Fate Scenes to use as examples.


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