Power Sources

Power sources, which are required for many powers in the Strands of Fate system, are detailed below. These power sources are revealed via the Microscope game. Note that not all of them may be available for use by characters. Check with the current GM and the Character Creation Rules page for what can be used.

Celestial Magic – This is actually a group of related skills that draw powers from the sun, moon, and stars. Of the three below, only Cosmic Magic power source, which draws power from celestial bodies that are not sun and moon, are in common practice.

  • Solar Magic – This art was thought to have been lost when the last Solar mage died. Since it was discovered that the Yuzhou Plague awakens the latent powers in the ancient Solar mage bloodline, these powers seem to have made a resurgence.
  • Stellar Magic – Those who practice stellar magic control powers that bend space and time, manipulate fate, and can temporarily enhance the strength of local growths of Yuzhou Plague bacteria, as well those who draw their power from the bacteria.

Geomancy – This is a general name for several schools of earth-based magic. The Classicist practice practice arts that draw power from the classical elements of ancient though: Air/Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water. The Neo-Classicists draw their powers from a similar set of elements that orginated in an ancient eastern philosophy: Earth, Metal, Water, Plants (Wood), Fire. Finally, the Periodic mages gain power through their control over specific elements from the periodic table: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Platinum, etc. For the purposes of this game, we will assume that only elements 1-92, minus the man-made elements 43 (technetium) and 61 (promethium) exist as things that can be manipulated via Geomancy.

Symbiotic Infection – These powers are awakened in humans after infection by the Yuzhou Plague. The powers granted are very limited in scope (usually only a single power or powers based on a single theme), and are semi-unique to each person so infected. In game terms, powers from this power source must follow a narrow theme that is based on one of your Fate characters’ character aspects. Powers outside of this theme can only be granted through other power sources.

Primal Magic – An offshoot, or evolution of, geomancy and alchemy, primal magic is derived from the essences of the world’s creatures. Imbibing these essences can allow the primal mage to summon the creature that the essence was extracted from, take on some of the traits of that creature, or completely transform into that creature for a limited time.

Power Sources

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