Biocontrol and Energy

Affinity Ability: Biocontrol

Biocontrol is the Affinity Ability used to activate Talents from the Symbiotic Infection power source. This AA is possessed by everyone, except the rare few who have developed immunity to the Yuzhao Plague. Besides activating Talents, it can also be used for the following:

  • Absorb Energy: Instead of eating, drinking, or sleeping, a person with sufficient skill in Biocontrol can absorb energy from their surroundings or the Yuzhou bacteria in their bodies to keep their bodies going. Whenever you would have to eat, drink, or sleep, you may roll Biocontrol at a difficulty dependent on nearby sources of radiation: Outdoors and under a clear sky: 8; Underground: 6; Near a source of a radioactive mineral: 4; Near a refined radioactive material: 2. This roll takes 10 minutes, during which you may do nothing but concentrate on absorbing ambient energy. Success indicates that you can stave off hunger and thirst for 24 hours (one cycle), or go without rest for 6 hours. If you fail to make the minimum roll for this action, you take stress on either your Physical stress track. Stress applied to your Physical stress track in this manner cannot be removed until you perform the action that caused you to attempt to absorb energy in the first place.

The Energy Stress Track

This stress track models the amount of energy produced by the Yuzhou bacteria in your body. This stress track does not heal naturally; to remove stress on this track, you must attempt to absorb energy (as above). If you meet the minimum difficulty to absorb energy for your location, you may choose to remove 2 stress from this track, instead of staving off hunger, thirst, or fatigue. For every point by which you beat the minimum difficulty, you may remove one additional stress from this track.

The amount of stress per consequence for Energy is equal to 2x your Biocontrol, plus modifiers.

Below are some sample consequences for this stress track:

  • Minor
    • Fatigued
    • Lethargic
    • Unstable energy
  • Major
    • Unpredictable energy
    • Dizzy spells
    • Depressed
  • Severe (P)
    • Internal burning
    • Blackouts
    • Spontaneous wounds
  • Extreme (P)
    • Uncontrollable powers
    • Wild energy
    • Manic/depressive
  • Defeated (P)
    • Unquenchable thirst
    • Insatiable hunger
    • Immune to Yuzhao Plague

Biocontrol and Energy

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