Concept: Beings on a sunless planet wage an endless war over resources.

  • Add
    • Distillable emotions (emotion potions)
    • Bioluminecent bacteria from outer space
  • Banned
    • Nonhuman sentient creatures
    • Robots
    • Technological leaps

Foci – In Lens turn order

  • (A) Sources of energy after the disappearance of the sun.
  • (R) Non-sentient creatures
  • (E) The rise and fall of nations
  • (A) The K’thani Dominion
  • (R) Subsurface civilizations
  • (E) Technological advancements

Periods, Events, Scenes, Fate Scenes

  • Mankind witnesses the dwindling of the sun (D, Start)
    • The death of the sun wipes out 90% of the species on the planet (especially the terrasques). (D)
    • All domesticated species are kept alive by humans. (L)
    • Zeebs, rock-eating rhinoceros-like creatures, help lead mankind’s flight from the dying surface into underground havens. (L)
  • Earth-based magics fill the void left by the vanished sun. (L)
    • The last celestial solar mage dies. (D)
    • A cabal of geomancers led by Arelius Ponte found the first post-sun surface city, Starhome. (L)
  • Geomancers begin to reestablish communication and methods of transportation to all other civilizations (L)
    • Earth-element Geomancers build a system of tunnels between the underground cities and Starhome, on the Elaran continent. (L)
  • Asteroid impacts introduce bioluminescent bacteria which feed off of cosmic radiation into the planet’s atmosphere. (L)
    • Bacteria found as usable resource and war breaks out over it. (D)
    • The Vatn Republic develops mutations to allow them to live underwater. (L)
    • Bacteria cultivation methods bring an end to the wars over control of the bacteria. (L)
    • Consumption of bacteria found to unlock latent magical power. (L)
      • Fate Scene question: How did the heroes Il’lela and Jaka attract the attention of the K’than Dominion? Answer: The two sisters performed a mercy killing of a K’thani power source, which caused a scouting party to come look for answers and led them to the sisters hometown of Picchu.
    • K’thani scouting parties come up to the surface world, enslaving surface villages and using their populations for energy experiments. (D)
      • Dictated scene question: How did the K’thani use surface humans in their experiments? Answer: They discovered that the cage that Il’lela and Jaka found (and that they had more of) would drain the energy of any living beings that were put into it, and broadcast it over a large area. (D)
    • K’thani use the energy from the enslaved to find and power ancient tech. (D)
      The K’thani Dominion enslave the Vatn and command them to use ancient tech on underwater volcanoes for harvesting energy. (D)
  • Using the power of ancient electrical technology, the K’thani Dominion spread their influence over the Elaran continent (L)
    • The K’than severely restrict the use of the new technology, and anyone found possessing knowledge of its workings without governmental approval is brutally dealt with. (D)
  • Mythical creatures infused with alien bacteria are found to have vast amounts of earth-based magics. (D)
    • The mythical creatures are hunted down for their power. (L)
    • Underground mythical creature “farms” are created so they can be used as a source of energy for the K’thani Dominion without public knowledge. (D)
      • Dictate scene question: What kind of mythical creatures were raised in the underground farms, and what were they used for? Answer: Creatures such as gem beetles and rust monsters were bred to aid with the construction of the subterranian cities and passageways.
  • Primal magic – magic linked to animals – is discovered (L)
    • The use of mythical creatures as a magical resources dwindles their population. (D)
      • Scene question: How do primal mages get their power? Mandatory characters: Huskar Aquatarius, Jaez Pyrobringer. Answer: Essences are distilled from creatures and imbibed by the primal mage. (Unspecified, defaulting to opposite of parent Event, Light)
    • Primal mages stop the tyranny of the K’thani Dominion. (L)
  • With the downfall of the K’thani, ancient technology becomes widely accessible. (L)
  • Medical advancements are made using the combination of animal and human distilled emotions. (L)
    • Distilled happiness from animals is used to help give new life to war veterans of the K’thani overthrow. (L)
  • Primal mages subjugate all other mages. (D)
    • A descendant of the last solar mage unlocks latent solar magic powers and leads a rebellion against the primal mages. (L)
    • Using the alien bacteria to unlock their latent powers, the descendants of the last solar mage form a clan. (L)
  • The Yinon Alliance flee Laekkil on spaceships and colonize Laekkil’s first moon, Nocia. (L)
  • A new, limitless source of energy is discovered. (End, L)
    • The technology and Solar magic that caused the Cataclysm is reverse-engineered, and used to ignite a new star. (L)

Unattached scene:

  • Dictated scene question: How was Nocia formed? Answer: Solar magic was used to condense Nocia out of passing solar debris.

Legacies – By player

  • Aikanaka – -Mankind’s animal companions- Mythical creature farms
  • Randay – -Solar mage descendants- Solar magic
  • Eklypze – Earth-based magics


Under a Sunless Sky Aikanaka