Il'lela and Jaka vs the K'than!

  1. Group concept: Why are your characters together? What goal do they work towards?
  2. Character concepts: Who are your characters? What motivates them? Answer the following questions:
    1. What is your full name?
    2. What three things are most important to you?
    3. What is your most obvious strength? Why?
    4. What is your greatest strength?
    5. What is your greatest weakness or flaw?
    6. Do you have any friends or family? (Answering this question in the negative will result in having your starting AP halved.)
    7. Name three people (NPC’s) that you are willing to help or protect. What is their connection to you?
    8. Name up to three people or groups that you dislike or that are antagonistic to you. What is your relationship to them, and why?
    9. What is your short term (<1 month timeframe) goal?
    10. What is your long term goal?

Character point distribuition: DO THIS PART LAST!

  • CamPL: Custom
  • Refresh: 5
  • Abilities (Max): 28 (4)
  • Free Expert Advantages: 3
  • Advantage Points (max per Advantage): 9 (5)
  • Maximum power item potency (aspected items): 6
  • Maximum power items: 1

Things that were established during this Fate Scene

  • Classical fire mages are often arrogant, because one of their number founded the first surface city, Starhome.
  • Legos exist. Exactly what they are is undetermined.
  • Automata are constructs imbued with a set of instincts, normally patterned on animal instincts, and a given a simple set of instructions. The examples from this adventure focused on Neo-Classical Metal automata, but any material elementalist could theoretically construct one of these.

Il'lela and Jaka vs the K'than!

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