Jaka Windrunner



Character Concept:

  • Full Name: Jaka Windrunner
  • 3 important thigns: Wealth, Solving difficult challenges that noone else can, Family
  • Greatest obvious strength: Strong will and leadership, Always wants to take charge
  • Greatest strength: same as above
  • Greatest Weakness: Never wants to do things other people tell her to do.
  • Family: Parents who own the shop and make her run the shop, see jon’s sheet for the rest
  • Friends: Enemus (Male) – Loyal Customer who makes bets to get discounts, Nea’ (Male) – Local enchanter who sells his wares at the shop, Cemerus (male) – Rich person who always buys expensive but uneccessary things.
  • 3 NPCS: Sheaphus (Father), Enemus, Jouvak
  • pyromancers, they always think they own the place(shop). Bishavai (female), Rival who is always trying to solve things before me. Renelo (male), lonely guy who wont leave me alone.
  • Find someone else to take over the shop.
  • Take down the pyromancers a notch or two.

Jaka Windrunner

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