IL'LELA Windrunner

Jon's Character


Group Concept:

  • The two PC characters, IL’LELA and Jaka, are sisters (age 16 and 18 respectively)
  • We both often shirk work and school in order to follow up on rumors we hear around town looking for adventure

Character Concept:

  • Three Important Things: Power, Pretty Things and Family
  • Most Obvious Strength: Brawling
  • Greatest Strength: Quick Wits
  • Greatest Weakness or Flaw: Vengeful, does not take being slighted well.
  • Friends or Family: Parents try to watch out for us, but have too many kids to look after.
    1. Sheaphus (Father) Windrunner and Erorandai (Mother) Windrunner
    2. 5 Siblings – Eldest to Youngest: Jouvak (Male), Rendifli (Female), Jaka (Randy, Female), Elyraelae (Female), Il’lela (Jon, Female), Paeze (Male)
    3. Daendrus Zephyrus – Classmate: Dutiful and helps me pass classes cause I beat up her bullies that picked on her when she was younger
  • 3 NPCs we would help/protect:
    1. Daendrus Zephyrus – Childhood Friend
    2. Oraill Venti – Local rumormonger who has lead us on some fun adventures
    3. Caz Azibo – Unrequited love interest
  • 3 People we don’t like:
    1. Caz Azibo – Doesn’t like me back, jerk
    2. Adoyr Inna – Daendrus’ bully and local archnemesis
    3. Eraenc Glyndwr – Tells teachers when I skip school
  • Short Term Goal: Find a good adventure to go on.
  • Long Term Goal: See the world, go on a grand adventure

IL'LELA Windrunner

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